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Marketing your posts

Want to know effective ways to promote and market your blog posts? Because writing the content for your blog is one thing, but the next step is marketing your content. What’s the point in writing the content if nobody is ever going to see it? Here are a few ways in which you can market and promote your blog posts effectively and easily:

Lets begin with some social media marketing tips and tricks

  • Facebook – don’t forget Facebook is a useful marketing tool. It allows you to post status’ and share posts/links which you like/think will be relevant to your friends. You can also use Facebook to write engaging statuses including the link to your article; this will help you to engage your audience/friends etc. and encourage them to click on your link.
  • Twitter – when you hit the publish button on your most recent post don’t forget to post to Twitter – as blogs (i.e. WordPress) allow you to automatically post your blog post this would be an easy, slightly obvious, marketing tip..but one many people forget about.
  • Google+ – add as many relevant people as possible to your friends list; this will encourage people to add you back and ‘+1’ your posts as well as share them.
  • Pinterest – create many relevant boards on your profile; this way you can share to your boards and these images will include links to all your recent posts.
  • LinkedIn – creating many connections would be an obvious tip, however an even more effect tip to marketing on LinkedIn is posting the links to your posts on groups. Make sure you are a member of relevant groups; create a discussion, ask questions first DON’T just jump right into promoting your link..ask a question relevant to your blog post AND THEN include the link to the bottom of your discussion. This way you’re not only encouraging people to click your link you’re also engaging people in conversation..getting people to talk about your topic, thus your blog post.
  • Forums – search for forums relevant to your niche, i.e. social media forums. When posting in a forum, or creating a thread/discussion, don’t forget to include the link to your post/blog in your ‘signature’; as this will post every time you post in the forum. Thus, enabling more people to see it; post at least 5 times a day for effective promotion.
  • VISUAL! – make your promotions visual, for example use a ‘please share’ graphic – something that will make people want to share your link and encourage more people to view your link.


  • Guest posting – write a new blog post or use an existing article, which was popular on your blog, to contribute to a blog targeted to the same niche as yours. You could also collaborate with other bloggers who may have a similar niche on their blog to yours; this will help to increase the traffic to your blog.
  • RSS directories – post your blogs RSS feed to the top RSS directories, for example blogcatalog, this will also help you to market your blog and its posts..see your published article published on other blogs!

Those are just a few ways to market your posts. I find that they are effective and I’m also still trying new ways to market my WordPress blog and posts (as I’m new to this!). Let me know your favourite ways to market your posts in the comments.

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Social Media lessons

This year has been a successful one for social media. Not only have we seen the usage of Twitter and Facebook rise, but we have also seen some (well quite a few) new social media platforms arise.  Starting with Snapchat; which has become a very popular way to send images to friends and just communicate for fun. Not only is Snapchat one of the newest popular social media platforms but we also have the likes of Instagram (including features such as InstaVid & Instagram Direct) and Vine; which is a platform that allows its users to upload video’s which can be a maximum of 6 seconds.

Social media is more visual

Social media, in my opinion, is beginning to get more and more visual. First, we had Facebook and Twitter starting off as text based social media platforms, now they (more so Twitter than Facebook) are encouraging its users to use pictures, making Twitter more visual as they recently released the feature which allows its users to send images via. direct messaging when using a Twitter app on IOS, Android etc. Not only have Twitter added this feature to make their platform more visual but they have also recently changed the way in which images are displayed on both the app and As tweets/links no longer need to be clicked to view an image, as the image is already open and visible on your Twitter feed. This is better because it catches your attention more..also it would seem that people prefer visual tweets over textual tweets; as it’s known that tweets with images are 94 percent more likely to be retweeted

Also, the fact that social media is becoming much more visual could’ve played an important role in Facebook wanting to buy Snapchat, as well as (should) know that Facebook offered Snapchat a hefty sum of $3 billion, resulting in Snapchat declining this. Maybe this was because Snapchat have envisaged that social media is becoming more and more visual, or do the creators of Snapchat think their app is worth, or will be worth, much much more than $3 billion?!

Social media’s for kids?

No, social media is not just for kids. Some people have a misconception that social media is for kids; talking to friends, making new friends, playing games etc etc. However, it’s much more than that. Why? How? Well it’s pretty clear that social media is a very influential platform, and this is why social media can have effects on people; it can effect whether somebody gets a job (or not), it can affect your relationships..

Twitter can help you get a job, so can LinkedIn and many other platforms..but they (if used wrongly) also do the opposite. Use your social networks wisely, keep it (relatively) professional; don’t let an employer see anything you would be embarrassed about (i.e. a drunken picture on your Facebook profile).

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What are the 10 Secret Benefits of Blogging?

#1. You will become a better writer

Just the discipline of sitting down and writing will improve your writing skills. Thinking and planning doesn’t cut it…action and doing does!

Read the full article here:

What are the 10 Secret Benefits of Blogging?.

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The Social Network For Introverts

What is Anomo?

Is Anomo “revolutionizing first impressions”?

How ‘Anomo’ describe themselves:

“Anomo switches up the social networking world. You use an anonymous avatar and actually get to know the people around you while interacting in games and group or one-on-one chats. Because everyone starts as an avatar, first impressions reach beyond appearance and relationships grow in a more interactive way. You control how much you want to reveal about yourself in each relationship as you go.”

Have you tried this new  social media site?

Why not take a look at the original blog post by CLisseman

Let us know your thoughts on this new social media website..

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What is LinkedIn Used For?

LinkedIn is seen by many people as:

“that website where you post your resume and connect to your coworkers and old school buddies”

This is NOT all LinkedIn is useful for. However, if you think LinkedIn is useful for this reason only, then you’re certainly missing out. If you are one of those people, but even if your not, I urge you to read on so you can get the best from your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is a great ‘social media’ website which allows you to connect with, not only existing employes/employees, but also allows you to find, and so connect, with potential (future) employees/employers.

Unlimited Networking

LinkedIn allows you to network with whoever, and whatever business/business person you like! By accepting connections and inviting people you already know to become connections you are expanding the amount of people your profile is seen by; as the people who you’ve connected with will have connections and their connections will be able to see (and so connect) with your profile. WOW! that was a mouthful. But basically, EXPAND YOUR REACH and your professional profile will blossom.

A Global Think Tank

Not only can you ‘connect’ with people on LinkedIn you can connect with communities by joining groups. Groups which represent official organisations, companies etc. are great to join because you can connect with people like you; people who are either in that field of work, or are looking to be in that area of work. So, sharing information and even your details (i.e. Twitter username to encourage ‘like minded’ followers) on the group so other members can see it is helpful; as it helps you to not only make your LinkedIn profile visible to potential employers, but also helps to expand your other social networks with people who have the same interests, job aspirations etc. as you!

A Recruitment Tool

“Every HR department should thank its lucky stars for LinkedIn’s ability to connect potential employers with stellar potential employees at all skill and experience levels, from first-job seekers to veteran automotive salespeople and managers.”


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LinkedIn Reaches 3 Million Members

According to bizcommunity LinkedIn reached a whopping 3 million users in South Africa at the end of October this year! And a remarkable 11 million members in total for the continent!

“Since partnering with Habari Media in 2010, LinkedIn has gone from strength to strength in both the local and African market.”

LinkedIn has grown massively over the past couple of years; as a result there are more than 259 million member Worldwide..and is reportedly growing at 2 members per second- that’s 200,000 new members EVERY DAY! Impressive?


  • More than 60% of LinkedIn members return every month.
  • Only 13% of members’ time is spent on managing their professional profile.
  • 71% network with other professionals.
  • 69% learn what other colleagues are doing.
  • 54% stay up-to-date with industry discussions.

But which statistic do you fit into?

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Twitter Tools To Help You Track Your Twitter Growth

Ever wondered how much of an impact your Twitter account is making?

Well there’s no need to wonder any longer because these 3 tools will help you keep track of your Twitter accounts growth..

3 Twitter Tools To Help You Track Your Twitter Growth – Business 2

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LinkedIn Reaches 1 MILLION Users

LinkedIn has reached 1 Million users in New Zealand! LinkedIn currently has over 259 Million users worldwide. According to LinkedIn’s data the student marketing is increasing, with OVER 30 million students around the world signing up to join LinkedIn. This is most likely because LinkedIn can also be used to search jobs and universities. Businesses can benefit because people can find them on LinkedIn and connect with them, and so learn about their business etc. Building up connections on LinkedIn also helps you to increase your online presence as well as allowing you to build your professional brands.

As there are around 260 Million LinkedIn users it would make sense to tell you, or give you top tips, on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. So, here are 5 top tips to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Make sure your profile picture is professional looking. An employer, or potential employer, isn’t going to want to see an image of you out on a Friday night with your mates.
  2. Use your full name as a LinkedIn username.
  3. Make sure you display your main skills and/or strengths in your title page or headline.
  4. Boost your bio; make sure you fill all of, or as many of the fields as you can; focusing on other jobs and projects you think are valuable to potential employers.
  5. Create relevant post; don’t post things which aren’t relevant to your industry.


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Musts for Business Marketing

Right, so as part of my research for my course assessment I thought ‘hey, why not research business marketing’. Why? To get an idea of what businesses like; i.e. how they like to market their business, what they market their business on (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) etc. I know my brief is to ‘recommend a blogging platform’, but in order to be able to recommend a blogging platform I feel like I need to get to grips with the kind of marketing which is popular within business.

  1. First and foremost get people talking about your business, be it by word of mouth, via. sharing on Twitter etc. just get your businesses name ‘out there’ (online). Nobody will talk about a business which ‘fits the mould’; which is seen as a stereotypical “boring business”..make sure you do something unique, something which will be remembered THIS will get people sharing. THIS will get people talking.
  2. Don’t ‘drown’ people with information – yes information can be good, BUT if you’re not making sense of ‘tech-talk’ or just generally going off on one this is NOT a good for content marketing. In order to enable good content marketing for your business make sure YOU are the one who makes sense of the information which everybody is confused about. For example, there are millions and millions of webpages on Google, most of which are duplicates (and similar texts edited, changed and put into a different formats/layouts). However, if you’re the one making sense out of all this information your content is more likely to be viewed over the other webpages – insight is more important than heaps of information nobody understands.
  3. People choose their content more now than they ever have, so you’ve got to put yourself in their ‘path’, make sure your visible and somebody who’s looking for content similar to yours can find your content easily.
  4. So, if your content is visible make sure it’s reliable – you need your content, business etc. to stay trustworthy. As you already know ‘word of mouth’ spreads like wildfire, if your company can’t be trusted or isn’t seen as reliable someone could potentially tweet negativity about your business and so discourage others.

These top marketing tips I have explained, inspired by “All You Really Need To Know About Marketing” show that sharing is a vital piece of marketing; as ‘word of mouth’ (well social media) seems to be much more valuable, from personal experience I can also say this, than advertisements and such.

What marketing tips do you use for your business, blog, social media accounts etc?

Any other top tips are welcomed, please share!

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Social Media Management Tools

Want to manage your social media accounts?

Well there are plenty of social media management tools (sometimes referred to as ‘dashboards’) out there to use, such as; shoutlet, direct message lab, hootsuite, tweetdeck, wildfire interactive, strongmail social studio and many more.  Social media management tools allow you to manage an element of one social media (i.e Twitter) or multiple social media websites at once (i.e. managing your Twitter posts & Facebook status’).

“A Social Media Management Dashboard is an online marketing tool suite, a website that provides a platform for you to share to all of your social media accounts and networks.” Source

I am going to discuss some social media management tools/dashboards which may help you to market your social media accounts better and boost your online presence.  Shoutlet – a social media management software which helps you engage, promote and analyse your social communication. This software allows you to do this on various social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  Direct Message Lab – Allows you to control your social presence. Direct Message Lab (DML) identifies key social media locations for your brand, for example; demographics, and finds users to reach in these ‘locations’.  Wildfire Interactive –  It’s a social media marketing software which engages in real time (like all social media). Also, wildfire allows you to schedule; so your social media accounts and networks are kept up to date.  Tweetdeck – Is a social media dashboard which is available on Chrome, Mac, OS X, Microsoft Windows and mobile devices etc. You can use this dashboard to manage your Twitter account/s and schedule tweets for any time of day. This will make sure you stay active even if you’re too busy to tweet, as you’ve already scheduled a post.

Do you use any social media management tools/dashboards?

Which is your favourite?

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