Stumbleupon as a marketing tool?

A lot of people use social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to increase traffic to their blog, and to basically market their blog. Stumbleupon may be unknown to a few people, but if you’re into social media I’m assuming that you’ll have AT LEAST heard of Stumbleupon.
I’ve been thinking for the past week “what could my next blog post be?” and it occurred to me that I don’t, 100%, know what Stumbleupon is, so I thought I’d do a little research, find out what other people are saying and see what you think to it…have you used Stumbleupon? If not, maybe you’re like me and don’t really know what Stumbleupon’s purpose is. Well if you want to know, keep reading…

What is Stumbleupon?

It’s both a social bookmarking tool and a social voting tool.

Stumbleupon allows you to save (bookmark) the links to pages which you like, which is similar to other online bookmarking tools such as Pocket, Instapaper and Delicious.

Also it allows you to either thumbs up or thumbs down articles, if you like an article you are randomly shown when you press the “stumble” button you can hit the ‘thumbs up’ button, if you don’t like the article then you can hit ‘thumbs down’.

How to use Stumbleupon?

Go to

Sign up for free and what interests you – this will help Stumbleupon to find articles of interest to you

It’s that simple, then you can ‘start stumbling’.


I have shared my blog posts on Stumbleupon and have found that I have gained quite a bit of traffic, so it’s definitely a good marketing tool.

BUT could it be the next big thing in the marketing world? …I don’t know about that. I just don’t quite get it.

I will continue researching about Stumbleupon, researching how other bloggers/marketers are using Stumbleupon to promote themselves and I’ll get back to you with a “how to use Stumbleupon as a marketing tool” type post, or something similar.

Let me know if you’ve used Stumbleupon or point me in the right direction – let me know how you use stumbleupon as a marketing tool.

As always I enjoy hearing your thoughts and hearing about what methods for marketing you do.

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9 thoughts on “Stumbleupon as a marketing tool?

  1. As of today, it’s the most efficient service I’ve seen for driving traffic to a blog. Sadly, my own account isn’t good for that unless I spend a lot of time on StumbleUpon. I have a friend who is much further along, and he’s managed to generate thousands of views sharing on stumble in the last quarter or so. For now, I’m spending a little time each week liking and sharing other peoples’ stuff — I follow about 15 bloggers I know over there. Doing that to try and keep my account activity up. I think activity matters on Stumble.

    In the meantime, I just started looking at Reddit this week. I know a blogger who’s getting good results with it, and my little group has no presence there at all. I haven’t set up an account yet, but I probably will soon.

  2. Since this week i signed up for StumbleUpon. And i have to say it works for me if i post on the right time. I got a lot of clicks from the US, GB, Canada and Australia. Normally i get 4 visitors on my site a day but this weekend it were more then 200. I put a couple of posts from me that i already did on WP. For at least one weekend my WP statistics were sky high.
    Great post.

  3. if it does what I think it does, ooo I hate this thing with a passion! keyword searching/marketing isn’t new nor inherently bad but to be random when I’m specific? oops my hands moved the mouse window/pointer over oh drat I don’t want bing coffee shopping search! cuss. then you can imagine my intense dislike being slowed and guided to what I didn’t want or care about. but then again I can search and do daily from anything from luciferase to the historical marker for the lusitania in ireland. luciferase is the substance by which plants glow. next, having done a LOT of mini marketing ramppsu for my sights I’m not against clicksense and directly feeding specific adds/products from typically amazon to a: boost traffic, but B: actually if you catch one in a thousand interested, make a referall upon a purchase. your commentor did you the largest favor and most successful tool within sites marketing, reblogging it so it links back here or in multiple places. however being a carbon copy across ten sights is boring but having a simplified structure to make each posting seem distinctly meaning full. well that’s great blogging. stumbleon just stumbles me, personally.

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