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BBC Targets Instagram Users

The BBC is making more effort to reach out to new audiences who predominantly use tablets and mobile devices to access social media platforms. The BBC made the decision to join one of the biggest social media platforms of the year; Instagram. They’ve done this in the hope that they’ll reach out to more users online and in the hope that it will encourage more and more young people to read the news; as news consumption among younger audiences seems to be ever growing.

On the 16th January the BBC launched “Instafax” which;

is a throwback to the BBC’s former Ceefax service – the world’s first teletext service that ran on UK television until 2012.


The BBC’s Instagram page will feature 15 second long video’s, three times a day; these video’s will aim to show the round up of the days news.


Corporation hopes to reach new audiences as mobile and tablet viewing figures overtake desktop

The BBC have decided to ‘step up’ and reach new audiences by getting their online audience more involved.  It’s clear that the BBC have new audiences online between different social media platforms; with “BBCBreaking” having over 8 million Twitter followers, “BBC News” having over 3.7 million “likes” on Facebook and the “BBC” having over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube..and these are far from all of their social media platforms!!!!

As well as this viewing figures on mobiles and tablets have, for the first time in December, taken over desktop viewing figures!! Impressive, right?

There has been mixed reactions about Instafax, ranging from people saying “Instafax is a game changer” to others saying it’s the “worst idea ever”.

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Have you been following Instafax? If so, what are your thoughts on the BBC joining Instagram?

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Beyoncé demonstrates the power of social media

Another great post by Chris!


Beyoncé released her latest self-titled album on the 13th of December, much to the surprise of everyone. The ‘crazy in love’ singer broke a music industry tradition and I am certainly sure she hasn’t regretted it since. The album has sold over 830 thousand copies reveal recent figures. Beyoncé also broke iTunes records for fastest selling album.

Instead of embarking on a promotional tour, appearing on numerous chat shows and visiting lots or radio stations, beyoncé simply took to Instagram and Twitter with a post captioned ‘Surprise’ as according to Sky News, she was bored of the traditional way and felt she could connect with fans better this way.

The success of ‘Beyoncé’ in less than a week has proved just how powerful Social media, and the outcome it can have, is.


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SEO in Google

Want to know how to reach the top of Google’s Search Engine Optimisation rank system?

Well you could search Google for hints and tips, which would mean changing everything you’ve already done. However, there is another option; you could watch the following video’s and subscribe to the channel for the best ways to boost your Google SEO.

How to get to page one of Google & QUICKLY!

What matters when considering the Google SEO ranking?

-Title; keywords don’t necessarily matter. Make your title short and relevant to your post.

-Clicks; the more clicks you get the higher you’ll rank.

-Bold. Make a keyword bold, highlighted, this will make your post more visible!

-Make sure the keywords you’re aiming for are the first/second word in your blog/website title.

-Blog about your link; make yourself more visible.

See more here


Want to know what businesses use to increase their Google SEO? Check this YouTube video for more info.

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Social Media Management Tools

Want to manage your social media accounts?

Well there are plenty of social media management tools (sometimes referred to as ‘dashboards’) out there to use, such as; shoutlet, direct message lab, hootsuite, tweetdeck, wildfire interactive, strongmail social studio and many more.  Social media management tools allow you to manage an element of one social media (i.e Twitter) or multiple social media websites at once (i.e. managing your Twitter posts & Facebook status’).

“A Social Media Management Dashboard is an online marketing tool suite, a website that provides a platform for you to share to all of your social media accounts and networks.” Source

I am going to discuss some social media management tools/dashboards which may help you to market your social media accounts better and boost your online presence.  Shoutlet – a social media management software which helps you engage, promote and analyse your social communication. This software allows you to do this on various social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  Direct Message Lab – Allows you to control your social presence. Direct Message Lab (DML) identifies key social media locations for your brand, for example; demographics, and finds users to reach in these ‘locations’.  Wildfire Interactive –  It’s a social media marketing software which engages in real time (like all social media). Also, wildfire allows you to schedule; so your social media accounts and networks are kept up to date.  Tweetdeck – Is a social media dashboard which is available on Chrome, Mac, OS X, Microsoft Windows and mobile devices etc. You can use this dashboard to manage your Twitter account/s and schedule tweets for any time of day. This will make sure you stay active even if you’re too busy to tweet, as you’ve already scheduled a post.

Do you use any social media management tools/dashboards?

Which is your favourite?

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YouTube and Google+ Integration

So, basically now when you want to post a comment or like something on YouTube it prompts you to login in; more importantly login in with a Google+ account. Even if you have a standard YouTube account it prompts you to change it and link your Google+ account with YouTube. If you have a Google+ account, have a simple choice; integrate your accounts, or not. However, if you’re being prompted to change to a Google+ account and DO NOT have a Google+ account this may become more annoying. For starters you have to go through all of the filling out of the ‘required fields’ to create an account JUntitled-1UST to simply comment/like a single YouTube video. Although, this is fairly simple it is just time consuming and you should not have to be constantly prompted into integrating your YouTube account. Fair enough prompting once or twice to help with the marketing of Google+ through YouTube, but prompting YouTube users a third, fourth, fifth, sixth etc etc. time is just crazy! Are Google trying to bully there users into creating a Google+ account?

Do you think the integration between Google+ accounts and YouTube is a good or bad idea? Do you prefer the integration or the old way; having two SEPARATE accounts?

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(VOTE) Should users be required to have a Google+ account to comment on YouTube?

(VOTE) Should users be required to have a Google+ account to comment on YouTube?.

LinkedIn – Video and Media Content

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking website specifically designed for those in a professional occupation. So, allows you to connect and network with colleagues and, possibly, even potential employers. LinkedIn is designed to be professional, therefore you’re unable to, for example; customise/personalise the layout of your profile and are also unable to do things such as, embed your favourite YouTube video’s and host blogs.

LinkedIn is a social networking website which presents its members in a professional way, this is unlike other popular social networking websites, i.e. Facebook, because in the past people have lost their jobs due to negative online content which they have posted or a friend has posted.

Facebook is LinkedIn’s closest competitor. Facebook is a group-based social network, whereas LinkedIn focuses solely on the individual and his/hers accomplishments. This seems to make LinkedIn a unique social networking site.

Video & Media Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows its users to upload media content such as videos. To add a video to LinkedIn you have to do it via. ‘slideshare‘, by using slideshare you can add presentations and/or video’s to your LinkedIn profile. Alternatively, you can go to “profile” > “edit profile”; here you can upload your own video’s, images and even your own documents. This is so you can showcase your work and skills to potential/current employers. So if you were, for example a photographer you could build a portfolio of your own images on your LinkedIn profile for potential employers/customers to view.

Social media- good or bad?

Social media involves interacting with people to create, change, share and exchange information with the online community.

There are many examples of “social media” websites, for example; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr. These are all popular websites used in people’s everyday life to share information with the online community that they’re building up. Social media is a brilliant way to build friends and gain contacts, i.e. for business, which could be very beneficial for you.

Once an online presence has been created it isn’t always easy to build up an online ‘community’ of people, an audience, you want to reach out too. People spend a lot of time trying to build this ‘community’ which is why people would argue social media is negative. People seem to be spending more time creating an online ‘community’ than building up relationships in reality i.e. distancing themselves from family and friends.

However, there are infinite opinions about social media, such as this video on YouTube which is a great insight into social media.

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