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What is LinkedIn Used For?

LinkedIn is seen by many people as:

“that website where you post your resume and connect to your coworkers and old school buddies”

This is NOT all LinkedIn is useful for. However, if you think LinkedIn is useful for this reason only, then you’re certainly missing out. If you are one of those people, but even if your not, I urge you to read on so you can get the best from your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is a great ‘social media’ website which allows you to connect with, not only existing employes/employees, but also allows you to find, and so connect, with potential (future) employees/employers.

Unlimited Networking

LinkedIn allows you to network with whoever, and whatever business/business person you like! By accepting connections and inviting people you already know to become connections you are expanding the amount of people your profile is seen by; as the people who you’ve connected with will have connections and their connections will be able to see (and so connect) with your profile. WOW! that was a mouthful. But basically, EXPAND YOUR REACH and your professional profile will blossom.

A Global Think Tank

Not only can you ‘connect’ with people on LinkedIn you can connect with communities by joining groups. Groups which represent official organisations, companies etc. are great to join because you can connect with people like you; people who are either in that field of work, or are looking to be in that area of work. So, sharing information and even your details (i.e. Twitter username to encourage ‘like minded’ followers) on the group so other members can see it is helpful; as it helps you to not only make your LinkedIn profile visible to potential employers, but also helps to expand your other social networks with people who have the same interests, job aspirations etc. as you!

A Recruitment Tool

“Every HR department should thank its lucky stars for LinkedIn’s ability to connect potential employers with stellar potential employees at all skill and experience levels, from first-job seekers to veteran automotive salespeople and managers.”


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20 thoughts on “What is LinkedIn Used For?

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  2. When you consider that the world is an increasingly interconnected, and ever-smaller, place, I like to consider LinkedIn as the “introduction letter” that helps us more easily connect with others regardless of where they are.

  3. I have been on LinkedIn for a while, but haven’t started using it for business purposes. It doesn’t seem user friendly, but I am pretty sure it’s a good platform when you get used to it.

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