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About myself..

I am a first year university student studying Media (SH). I am enthusiastic about all things media, including social media, so I decided to blog about social media. I am also very enthusiastic about trying out different social media platforms, and enjoy using the platforms I’m already a member of (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc etc.). I am keen to continue this blog throughout my studies at uni and after I have graduated.
I enjoy blogging about social media because it is always changing and you can never (really) predict what is going to happen with social media. Also social media has made an increasing impact on businesses, employment, lifestyles etc etc. and so for this reason I find social media intriguing; there’s always something to write about whether it’s all factual or opinion.

If you read my blog and like what you’re reading I invite you too collaborate with me…

Collaborate with me?

If you would like to collaborate with me or do a guest blog for me (or vice versa) please don’t hesitate to contact me via. the “contact me” page of my blog. I will be more than happy to do so. You can also contact me with any queries you may have regarding collaborating with me or any questions you may have about my blog. Guest bloggers will receive promotions from my site; with their site/social media links featured at the beginning or end (your decision) of each guest blog post.

I look forward to communicating with you and thank you (in advance) for taking your time to read and follow my blog; I appreciate it.

Don’t forget to:

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Thank you,Jess!



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