5 MUST HAVE apps for students going abroad

If you’re a student and are looking to go abroad, then what apps will you need? Yes, I really did just say ‘what apps will you need’!!!!

The time has come where we no longer only consider what we need to pack to take with us, but (apparently) we are considering what apps we’ll need installed before we journey away from what we deem ‘home’, in order to stay in contact with our friends and family.

Top 10 apps to install before going abroad:

  1. This one may seem obvious (to some), but a great app to have whilst abroad would be WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a FREE to download app which allows you to contact your family via. using 3G or WiFi services. You can send multimedia messages, enjoy group chats, no pins or usernames (uses your mobile phone number), no international charges. Available on BOTH iPhone and Android
  2. Viber – Make calls to anyone anywhere in the world for free with Viber, as long as the person you want to contact has the application on their phone. It is similar to Skype, but without the video calling, although you can send video messages and text as well. Available on BOTH iPhone and Android
  3. Skyscanner – Plan your next trip home (or adventure to another country) and find the cheapest flights using the handy search results display, which allows you to view prices by day, week, month or even a whole year. It also directs you to the cheapest company for each flight when booking. Available on BOTH iPhone and Android.
  4. XE currency converter – If you’re a student and you’re going abroad then you’re definitely going to have to be watching your pennies. This app lets you know just how far your money is going with this currency converter, which stores the latest rates to give an accurate figure when you’re not connected to WIFI or 3G. It also comes in a selection of different languages, which is a bonus. Available on iPhone and Android
  5. BBC Weather – you never know what the weather is going to be like, so be equipped with a weather app installed onto your device. This app allows you to have several locations available at the swipe of a finger, so you’re able to check the weather in multiple countries. This app is free and is available on iPhone and Android.

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Did you board the ‘flappy bird’ train?

Flappy bird, the game which involves you tapping your screen and guiding the bird through pipes. The concept of the game seems simple, but the game soon became addictive because of its complexity.


‘Flappy bird’ was created in May 2013, however didn’t take off (excuse the pun) until the following December; when downloads of the game skyrocketed.

The decision to take ‘flappy bird’ off the IOS and Android app stores was due to the creator, Dong Nguyen, not being able to “take it anymore”. Following up his decision with the tweet:

“I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.”

Despite the creator making $50,000 (just over £30,000) a day from people clicking on the adverts on the free app.

Did you download ‘flappy bird’? What were your thoughts on the game?

After ‘flappy bird’ was taken down it became apparent that people who still had the game installed on their phone saw a profit, and so began selling their phones, with the app still installed on them, on eBay. And you wouldn’t believe how much the ‘biddings’ are up to, go take a look..quite frankly I think it’s going way too far.

Let me know your thoughts below, I look forward to reading them.

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Twitter update for Android


So, I just updated the Twitter app for Android and this is what it looks like. Instead of a ‘mentions’ or ‘interactions’ tab there is a bell symbol, which represents your Twitter notifications. Personally, as I have only just updated to the latest Twitter app I’m finding it a little strange, but I guess (like all updates) it’s something I’ll have to get used to. It looks pretty good though, nothing wrong with the overall appearance of the app.


you can now send images via. DM (direct message) on Twitter apps, however cannot (as of yet) send images via. DM from Twitter.
What do you think to this feature?
Is it a good feature for Twitter to have added or will it just add to the nunberous ways in which spam can be sent?


If a whole new layout and being able to send pictures via. DM wasn’t enough you can now send a tweet, on the Twitter app, from your profile page. Personally, I REALLY like this feature..it’s a small, but great detail which I think is very handy!

Well done Twitter!

Let me know what you all think..
Have you just updated the Android or even the IOS Twitter app?
Tell me your thoughts below in the comments or tweet me your thoughts – JessLeeman_

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Twitter allows image sending and receiving via direct message



After a new update recently there is now even more to discover.

Twitter revealed the new update to iOS and Android users on Tuesday and it is now official, Twitter users who update to the latest version of Twitter will now be able to send and receive images in Direct Messages. The feature is also expected to soon be fully available to those using the web version of the service.

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The Social Network For Introverts

What is Anomo?

Is Anomo “revolutionizing first impressions”?

How ‘Anomo’ describe themselves:

“Anomo switches up the social networking world. You use an anonymous avatar and actually get to know the people around you while interacting in games and group or one-on-one chats. Because everyone starts as an avatar, first impressions reach beyond appearance and relationships grow in a more interactive way. You control how much you want to reveal about yourself in each relationship as you go.”

Have you tried this new  social media site?http://www.jessicaleeman.wordpress.com

Why not take a look at the original blog post by CLisseman

Let us know your thoughts on this new social media website..

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Social Media Management Tools

Want to manage your social media accounts?

Well there are plenty of social media management tools (sometimes referred to as ‘dashboards’) out there to use, such as; shoutlet, direct message lab, hootsuite, tweetdeck, wildfire interactive, strongmail social studio and many more.  Social media management tools allow you to manage an element of one social media (i.e Twitter) or multiple social media websites at once (i.e. managing your Twitter posts & Facebook status’).

“A Social Media Management Dashboard is an online marketing tool suite, a website that provides a platform for you to share to all of your social media accounts and networks.” Source

I am going to discuss some social media management tools/dashboards which may help you to market your social media accounts better and boost your online presence.

www.jessicaleeman.wordpress.com  Shoutlet – a social media management software which helps you engage, promote and analyse your social communication. This software allows you to do this on various social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

www.jessicaleeman.wordpress.com  Direct Message Lab – Allows you to control your social presence. Direct Message Lab (DML) identifies key social media locations for your brand, for example; demographics, and finds users to reach in these ‘locations’.

www.jessicaleeman.wordpress.com  Wildfire Interactive –  It’s a social media marketing software which engages in real time (like all social media). Also, wildfire allows you to schedule; so your social media accounts and networks are kept up to date.

www.jessicaleeman.wordpress.com  Tweetdeck – Is a social media dashboard which is available on Chrome, Mac, OS X, Microsoft Windows and mobile devices etc. You can use this dashboard to manage your Twitter account/s and schedule tweets for any time of day. This will make sure you stay active even if you’re too busy to tweet, as you’ve already scheduled a post.

Do you use any social media management tools/dashboards?

Which is your favourite?

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LinkedIn abandons news aggregator for RSS app ‘Pulse’..

First and for most what is ‘Pulse’?

Pulse is a social newsreader RSS app; which is available on both the desktop and mobile devices. Pulse was acquired by LinkedIn in April for a large sum of $90 million!! Pulse replaces LinkedIn’s original news aggregator ‘LinkedIn Today’.

“Pulse and LinkedIn technology have been fully integrated to offer a more relevant news experience with content tailored to your professional interests both on the Pulse app and on LinkedIn.com,” -Ankit Gupta (Pulse co-founder). Source

The Pulse app is available on both Android and IOS devices. When you first open the Pulse app you’ll be prompted to sign in using your LinkedIn account. The app will then sync anything you’re already “connected” with; i.e. channels, groups and influences you follow. Also, says Gupta, Pulse will offer you personalised content and recommendations which are customised according to your preferences, interests, experiences etc. on LinkedIn. From within the Pulse app you can also share to other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pulse, according to this source is supposed to include more industry relevant stories, based on your LinkedIn history. However, there doesn’t seem to be many satisfied customers; it would seem that LinkedIn Today is the preferred news aggregator here..

BUT what do we, as the audience; the receivers of this new update think?

Do you like ‘Pulse’?

Did you prefer ‘LinkedIn Today’?

Let me know what you think..