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BBC Targets Instagram Users

The BBC is making more effort to reach out to new audiences who predominantly use tablets and mobile devices to access social media platforms. The BBC made the decision to join one of the biggest social media platforms of the year; Instagram. They’ve done this in the hope that they’ll reach out to more users online and in the hope that it will encourage more and more young people to read the news; as news consumption among younger audiences seems to be ever growing.

On the 16th January the BBC launched “Instafax” which;

is a throwback to the BBC’s former Ceefax service – the world’s first teletext service that ran on UK television until 2012.


The BBC’s Instagram page will feature 15 second long video’s, three times a day; these video’s will aim to show the round up of the days news.


Corporation hopes to reach new audiences as mobile and tablet viewing figures overtake desktop

The BBC have decided to ‘step up’ and reach new audiences by getting their online audience more involved.  It’s clear that the BBC have new audiences online between different social media platforms; with “BBCBreaking” having over 8 million Twitter followers, “BBC News” having over 3.7 million “likes” on Facebook and the “BBC” having over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube..and these are far from all of their social media platforms!!!!

As well as this viewing figures on mobiles and tablets have, for the first time in December, taken over desktop viewing figures!! Impressive, right?

There has been mixed reactions about Instafax, ranging from people saying “Instafax is a game changer” to others saying it’s the “worst idea ever”.

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Have you been following Instafax? If so, what are your thoughts on the BBC joining Instagram?

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Snapchat to release updated app!

After Snapchat was hacked into and 4.6 million users’ phone numbers and usernames were downloaded Snapchat have said;

We will be releasing an updated version of the Snapchat application that will allow Snapchatters to opt out of appearing in Find Friends after they have verified their phone number. We’re also improving rate limiting and other restrictions to address future attempts to abuse our service.

On Friday 27th December 2013 published a blog post highlighting the issue with their ‘Find Friends’ feature. They went on to say in their blog post that;

Theoretically, if someone were able to upload a huge set of phone numbers, like every number in an area code, or every possible number in the U.S., they could create a database of the results and match usernames to phone numbers that way.

The ‘Find Friends’ feature allows you to enter your phone number; so people who have your phone number can find you on Snapchat, and so allowing you to send Snaps to your phone contacts. However, in the new app which Snapchat are set to release they are going to make the ‘Find Friends’ feature even more optional than it is already.

The current app

With the current “Find Friends” feature you have the option to enter your phone number, or not. The ‘Find Friends’ app was originally introduced to help you find contacts in your address book; people you’re already friends with. Therefore, by entering your phone number it allows anybody with your phone number to find you on Snapchat.

The updated app

The current app will, according to Snapchat’s blog post on the 2nd January, allow users to opt out of the ‘Find Friends’ feature on Snapchat, so that hackers can’t obtain your phone number and link your number to your username on Snapchat. However, you will still need to verify your account with your phone number. Snapchat then went on to say

We’re also improving rate limiting and other restrictions to address future attempts to abuse our service.

Do you use Snapchat frequently?

What do you think about the changes which are going to be made?

Don’t use Snapchat? Or don’t use it much? What social media site or apps do you prefer?

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Social Media lessons

This year has been a successful one for social media. Not only have we seen the usage of Twitter and Facebook rise, but we have also seen some (well quite a few) new social media platforms arise.  Starting with Snapchat; which has become a very popular way to send images to friends and just communicate for fun. Not only is Snapchat one of the newest popular social media platforms but we also have the likes of Instagram (including features such as InstaVid & Instagram Direct) and Vine; which is a platform that allows its users to upload video’s which can be a maximum of 6 seconds.

Social media is more visual

Social media, in my opinion, is beginning to get more and more visual. First, we had Facebook and Twitter starting off as text based social media platforms, now they (more so Twitter than Facebook) are encouraging its users to use pictures, making Twitter more visual as they recently released the feature which allows its users to send images via. direct messaging when using a Twitter app on IOS, Android etc. Not only have Twitter added this feature to make their platform more visual but they have also recently changed the way in which images are displayed on both the app and As tweets/links no longer need to be clicked to view an image, as the image is already open and visible on your Twitter feed. This is better because it catches your attention more..also it would seem that people prefer visual tweets over textual tweets; as it’s known that tweets with images are 94 percent more likely to be retweeted

Also, the fact that social media is becoming much more visual could’ve played an important role in Facebook wanting to buy Snapchat, as well as (should) know that Facebook offered Snapchat a hefty sum of $3 billion, resulting in Snapchat declining this. Maybe this was because Snapchat have envisaged that social media is becoming more and more visual, or do the creators of Snapchat think their app is worth, or will be worth, much much more than $3 billion?!

Social media’s for kids?

No, social media is not just for kids. Some people have a misconception that social media is for kids; talking to friends, making new friends, playing games etc etc. However, it’s much more than that. Why? How? Well it’s pretty clear that social media is a very influential platform, and this is why social media can have effects on people; it can effect whether somebody gets a job (or not), it can affect your relationships..

Twitter can help you get a job, so can LinkedIn and many other platforms..but they (if used wrongly) also do the opposite. Use your social networks wisely, keep it (relatively) professional; don’t let an employer see anything you would be embarrassed about (i.e. a drunken picture on your Facebook profile).

Facebook self-censorship

What is self-censorship?

Self censorship basically means to censor your own work to make sure you are happy with it; that the post, website etc. portrays you in the way you would like to be portrayed.

Facebook have began to look at posts which you have and haven’t published, they have also began tracking the trends and thoughts of the people who have typed a post, but have no hit the send button. They focus on status updates, posts on people’s timelines and comments on posts. They have called this “self-censorship” as they’re looking at the posts which people have self-censored by deleting them/choosing not to post them.

Why are Facebook doing this?

Facebook have not only decided to track people’s ‘failed’ posts, but they have also started tracking declined friend requests so that they can analyse why this is and try to make ‘failed’ posts and requests into successes. Clearly this is just another way they can improve their statistics to make them look even better than they already do, as if having approximately 1.19 billion users wasn’t enough!

Here’s an interesting statistic by

“Over the course of those 17 days, 71 percent of the users typed out a status, a comment, or both but did not submit it. On average, they held back on 4.52 statuses and 3.2 comments.”

To me this is very Big Brothery, snooping and looking at posts which users have decided not to post…what will they do next; save them?

What do you think to this?

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter


Instagram Direct

Instagram have released a NEW feature, this feature is ‘Instagram Direct’; as blogged about by CLisseman.
Instagram direct is a brilliant new feature which allows its users to send an image or video to selected, it’s like direct messaging on Twitter but with images and videos. This is quite a unique idea, I think it’s a great new feature and the layout also looks very good; neat and tidy like the rest of Instagram!


Twitter update for Android


So, I just updated the Twitter app for Android and this is what it looks like. Instead of a ‘mentions’ or ‘interactions’ tab there is a bell symbol, which represents your Twitter notifications. Personally, as I have only just updated to the latest Twitter app I’m finding it a little strange, but I guess (like all updates) it’s something I’ll have to get used to. It looks pretty good though, nothing wrong with the overall appearance of the app.


you can now send images via. DM (direct message) on Twitter apps, however cannot (as of yet) send images via. DM from Twitter.
What do you think to this feature?
Is it a good feature for Twitter to have added or will it just add to the nunberous ways in which spam can be sent?


If a whole new layout and being able to send pictures via. DM wasn’t enough you can now send a tweet, on the Twitter app, from your profile page. Personally, I REALLY like this’s a small, but great detail which I think is very handy!

Well done Twitter!

Let me know what you all think..
Have you just updated the Android or even the IOS Twitter app?
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Twitter allows image sending and receiving via direct message



After a new update recently there is now even more to discover.

Twitter revealed the new update to iOS and Android users on Tuesday and it is now official, Twitter users who update to the latest version of Twitter will now be able to send and receive images in Direct Messages. The feature is also expected to soon be fully available to those using the web version of the service.

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LinkedIn Reaches 3 Million Members

According to bizcommunity LinkedIn reached a whopping 3 million users in South Africa at the end of October this year! And a remarkable 11 million members in total for the continent!

“Since partnering with Habari Media in 2010, LinkedIn has gone from strength to strength in both the local and African market.”

LinkedIn has grown massively over the past couple of years; as a result there are more than 259 million member Worldwide..and is reportedly growing at 2 members per second- that’s 200,000 new members EVERY DAY! Impressive?


  • More than 60% of LinkedIn members return every month.
  • Only 13% of members’ time is spent on managing their professional profile.
  • 71% network with other professionals.
  • 69% learn what other colleagues are doing.
  • 54% stay up-to-date with industry discussions.

But which statistic do you fit into?

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LinkedIn Reaches 1 MILLION Users

LinkedIn has reached 1 Million users in New Zealand! LinkedIn currently has over 259 Million users worldwide. According to LinkedIn’s data the student marketing is increasing, with OVER 30 million students around the world signing up to join LinkedIn. This is most likely because LinkedIn can also be used to search jobs and universities. Businesses can benefit because people can find them on LinkedIn and connect with them, and so learn about their business etc. Building up connections on LinkedIn also helps you to increase your online presence as well as allowing you to build your professional brands.

As there are around 260 Million LinkedIn users it would make sense to tell you, or give you top tips, on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. So, here are 5 top tips to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Make sure your profile picture is professional looking. An employer, or potential employer, isn’t going to want to see an image of you out on a Friday night with your mates.
  2. Use your full name as a LinkedIn username.
  3. Make sure you display your main skills and/or strengths in your title page or headline.
  4. Boost your bio; make sure you fill all of, or as many of the fields as you can; focusing on other jobs and projects you think are valuable to potential employers.
  5. Create relevant post; don’t post things which aren’t relevant to your industry.


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LinkedIn abandons news aggregator for RSS app ‘Pulse’..

First and for most what is ‘Pulse’?

Pulse is a social newsreader RSS app; which is available on both the desktop and mobile devices. Pulse was acquired by LinkedIn in April for a large sum of $90 million!! Pulse replaces LinkedIn’s original news aggregator ‘LinkedIn Today’.

“Pulse and LinkedIn technology have been fully integrated to offer a more relevant news experience with content tailored to your professional interests both on the Pulse app and on,” -Ankit Gupta (Pulse co-founder). Source

The Pulse app is available on both Android and IOS devices. When you first open the Pulse app you’ll be prompted to sign in using your LinkedIn account. The app will then sync anything you’re already “connected” with; i.e. channels, groups and influences you follow. Also, says Gupta, Pulse will offer you personalised content and recommendations which are customised according to your preferences, interests, experiences etc. on LinkedIn. From within the Pulse app you can also share to other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pulse, according to this source is supposed to include more industry relevant stories, based on your LinkedIn history. However, there doesn’t seem to be many satisfied customers; it would seem that LinkedIn Today is the preferred news aggregator here..

BUT what do we, as the audience; the receivers of this new update think?

Do you like ‘Pulse’?

Did you prefer ‘LinkedIn Today’?

Let me know what you think..