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Twitter Tools To Help You Track Your Twitter Growth

Ever wondered how much of an impact your Twitter account is making?

Well there’s no need to wonder any longer because these 3 tools will help you keep track of your Twitter accounts growth..

3 Twitter Tools To Help You Track Your Twitter Growth – Business 2

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LinkedIn Reaches 1 MILLION Users

LinkedIn has reached 1 Million users in New Zealand! LinkedIn currently has over 259 Million users worldwide. According to LinkedIn’s data the student marketing is increasing, with OVER 30 million students around the world signing up to join LinkedIn. This is most likely because LinkedIn can also be used to search jobs and universities. Businesses can benefit because people can find them on LinkedIn and connect with them, and so learn about their business etc. Building up connections on LinkedIn also helps you to increase your online presence as well as allowing you to build your professional brands.

As there are around 260 Million LinkedIn users it would make sense to tell you, or give you top tips, on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. So, here are 5 top tips to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Make sure your profile picture is professional looking. An employer, or potential employer, isn’t going to want to see an image of you out on a Friday night with your mates.
  2. Use your full name as a LinkedIn username.
  3. Make sure you display your main skills and/or strengths in your title page or headline.
  4. Boost your bio; make sure you fill all of, or as many of the fields as you can; focusing on other jobs and projects you think are valuable to potential employers.
  5. Create relevant post; don’t post things which aren’t relevant to your industry.


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Musts for Business Marketing

Right, so as part of my research for my course assessment I thought ‘hey, why not research business marketing’. Why? To get an idea of what businesses like; i.e. how they like to market their business, what they market their business on (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) etc. I know my brief is to ‘recommend a blogging platform’, but in order to be able to recommend a blogging platform I feel like I need to get to grips with the kind of marketing which is popular within business.

  1. First and foremost get people talking about your business, be it by word of mouth, via. sharing on Twitter etc. just get your businesses name ‘out there’ (online). Nobody will talk about a business which ‘fits the mould’; which is seen as a stereotypical “boring business”..make sure you do something unique, something which will be remembered THIS will get people sharing. THIS will get people talking.
  2. Don’t ‘drown’ people with information – yes information can be good, BUT if you’re not making sense of ‘tech-talk’ or just generally going off on one this is NOT a good for content marketing. In order to enable good content marketing for your business make sure YOU are the one who makes sense of the information which everybody is confused about. For example, there are millions and millions of webpages on Google, most of which are duplicates (and similar texts edited, changed and put into a different formats/layouts). However, if you’re the one making sense out of all this information your content is more likely to be viewed over the other webpages – insight is more important than heaps of information nobody understands.
  3. People choose their content more now than they ever have, so you’ve got to put yourself in their ‘path’, make sure your visible and somebody who’s looking for content similar to yours can find your content easily.
  4. So, if your content is visible make sure it’s reliable – you need your content, business etc. to stay trustworthy. As you already know ‘word of mouth’ spreads like wildfire, if your company can’t be trusted or isn’t seen as reliable someone could potentially tweet negativity about your business and so discourage others.

These top marketing tips I have explained, inspired by “All You Really Need To Know About Marketing” show that sharing is a vital piece of marketing; as ‘word of mouth’ (well social media) seems to be much more valuable, from personal experience I can also say this, than advertisements and such.

What marketing tips do you use for your business, blog, social media accounts etc?

Any other top tips are welcomed, please share!

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Social Media Management Tools

Want to manage your social media accounts?

Well there are plenty of social media management tools (sometimes referred to as ‘dashboards’) out there to use, such as; shoutlet, direct message lab, hootsuite, tweetdeck, wildfire interactive, strongmail social studio and many more.  Social media management tools allow you to manage an element of one social media (i.e Twitter) or multiple social media websites at once (i.e. managing your Twitter posts & Facebook status’).

“A Social Media Management Dashboard is an online marketing tool suite, a website that provides a platform for you to share to all of your social media accounts and networks.” Source

I am going to discuss some social media management tools/dashboards which may help you to market your social media accounts better and boost your online presence.  Shoutlet – a social media management software which helps you engage, promote and analyse your social communication. This software allows you to do this on various social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  Direct Message Lab – Allows you to control your social presence. Direct Message Lab (DML) identifies key social media locations for your brand, for example; demographics, and finds users to reach in these ‘locations’.  Wildfire Interactive –  It’s a social media marketing software which engages in real time (like all social media). Also, wildfire allows you to schedule; so your social media accounts and networks are kept up to date.  Tweetdeck – Is a social media dashboard which is available on Chrome, Mac, OS X, Microsoft Windows and mobile devices etc. You can use this dashboard to manage your Twitter account/s and schedule tweets for any time of day. This will make sure you stay active even if you’re too busy to tweet, as you’ve already scheduled a post.

Do you use any social media management tools/dashboards?

Which is your favourite?

You can also connect with me;

Top 10 On-Page SEO Tips & Tricks

go dizital

SEO Search Engine Optimization.......go dizital

On-Page SEO Tips & Tricks

SEO is important aspect when you are promoting something or anything online, it has become essential for that business/individual who wants to gain result whatever they are doing online through search result. There are two major aspects of SEO- On-page SEO & Off-Page SEO. And from my own experience it is difficult to make website or blog 100 percent search oriented or SEO Optimized. It’s not because it’s a hard process but I have to go through many websites who share SEO expertise and a few tips. Here on this blog I am sharing the crux what I’ve got through practice and experience.            

I will try to make this blog updated with algorithm and Search updates from major search engine i.e. Google and other. So bookmarking this page will help you to optimization process of whatever you are…

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The 12 Major Benefits Of Social Media

1. Increased awareness of the organisation

2. Increased traffic to website

3. Greater favorable perceptions of the brand

4. Able to monitor conversations about the organisation

5. Able to develop targeted marketing activities

6. Better understanding of customers perceptions of their brand

7. Improved insights about their target markets

8. Identification of positive and negative comments

9. Increase in new business

10. Identification of new product or service opportunities

11. Ability to measure the frequency of the discussion about the brand

12. Early warning of potential product or service issues


Follow Back? Tips on Boosting your Twitter Presence

Great tips!

JOUR 3900 Blog

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.33.34 PM1. Use a Program to Help Schedule your Tweets. Programs like Hootsuite help you schedule your tweets in advance so that you keep your followers updated, while saving time.
2. Post Often: Users who regularly post content are more engaging to followers.
3. Join a Trending Topic.  Trending topics happen on a daily basis on Twitter.  By participating you will be engaged with the Twitter community as a whole, and will meet new users you may not interact with otherwise.
4. Multitask. Tweet whenever you have free time.  The point of Twitter is that it is the ultimate in mobile communication so there is no excuse to go long periods of time without tweeting.

5. Respond to Users who are Interested in Similar Topics. Look at what users favorite and retweet the same comments as you.  This will help you find new users to connect with and make you…

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Blogging Platforms

So, for my course assessment I have to research and write a 2000 word blog post recommending a blogging platform for a small retail or catering business. I have decided to write a blog as part of the research; so it’ll help me decide what blogging platform I think will be the best.

First of all, there are many blogging platforms – from WordPress to Blogger to Ghost and to micro-blogging platforms such as Tumblr. There are many different types of blogging platforms, for example self-hosted and hosted sites. WordPress is both a self-hosted and hosted blogging platform as it allows you to create your own domain where you own the website (i.e. the paid version of WordPress). However, it’s the free version of WordPress ( which is a hosted site; as your website is hosted through a third-party website (for example, Tumblr is also a popular example of a hosted site, as your website is hosted through Tumblr (i.e. your domain would be –


Why is WordPress a good blogging platform for businesses?

  • Can be used for both your blog and your main site as a content management system  (self-hosted version).
  • You can enhance the look, design and functionality of your blog with the many themes, plugins and widgets available. You can make your blog look exactly how you want it to look and make it do what you need it to, i.e. by adding widgets. Themes are limited to users of the hosted version of WordPress, however there’s still a good range of themes, plugins and widgets available.
  • Can re-blog other peoples posts, therefore people may re-blog you and so expand your blogs reach.


Is Blogger a good blogging platform for businesses?

  • Free hosted platform; owned by Google.
  • Possible that the more accounts with Google you have, the higher up in search rankings you’ll appear. So, as Blogger is a ‘product’ of Google it doesn’t hurt to set up and account on Blogger..
  • Can use themes which are outside of ‘Bloggers’ systems; i.e. external themes which you can import. Also, you’re able to (if you know how) to slightly modify the themes codes to suit your needs depending on what your blog is for.
  • Add-ons and widgets, i.e. sharing buttons to Twitter, Facebook etc. can also (like WordPress) be ‘added on’ to your blog. Adding different ‘add-ons’ will make your blog stand out from other blogs.

Although, there are a vast number of blogging platforms available I have summarised two just to get an idea of what different blogs can do! I will be going into much more detail about my chosen platform for my assessment.

How Fashionable Is Social Media


If there’s one thing that fashion and social media have in common, it has to be that they both need to be engaging – GQ or the likes of company wouldn’t exist if people weren’t interested in the lifestyle that the industry provides. Similarly with the likes of Twitter, what use would it be without all of it’s followers.

We are beginning to see the industry through a different lens, as fashion brands embrace the ever changing world of social media. They can no longer stand on their beautifully merchandised windows to draw and create attention. What brings that attention is something that is impressionable, like social media, it’s instant and you have to think on your feet but most importantly engage and listen.

To some brands being social comes naturally, others not so much. Just as Vogue has a brand to protect, only showcasing the best and most stunning…

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Is YOUR Blog Effective?

Want to find out if your blog is effective? Keep reading..

  1. Compare the natural growth of your blog. For example, compare it to the same time the previous year. You should also compare sources of traffic, i.e. is most of your blog traffic coming from results on a search engine or another source such as Twitter. Comparing pages visited and average stay on your site is also useful, this will help you to see whether your blog is ‘doing its job’ and being effective. If people are visiting for longer periods of time it’s highly likely that your blog is effective, however if people are only viewing your site for a couple of minutes you may want to rethink how you market your blog so that it is effective with what people want, i.e. what comes up when typed into a search engine.
  2. Measure the number of people who unsubscribe/unfollow you, i.e. your blog, newsletter (if one is available to sign up to on your blog). This way you will be able to see if you are posting the right content, because if your followers have followed you expecting, for example, content on social media and you post for example film reviews, this isn’t going to be “effective” as this isn’t what your ‘audience’ are expecting to see you post.
  3. As well as checking unsubscribers you should also check how many subscribers you are gaining every month/quarter/year etc.
  4. The amount of comments should also be measured. The more comments you get, the more popular your blog, and so future blog posts, will be. People who take the time to comment on your post/s clearly like what they’re reading. The more conversation which can be generated either on your blog or about your blog the better; the more conversation, the more publicity, the more publicity the more people who will potentially view your blog, and so potentially become a follower/subscriber.
  5. What is the reach of your blog WITHOUT other tools, such as sharing your blog post to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The bigger the reach, the more influential your blog will be.
  6. Also, take into consideration the amount of recommendations which your blog receives between users on, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.
  7. As well as recommendations if you use a blog, such as WordPress, where you can add ‘relevant content’ at the bottom of each post, and so ‘ping’ the author of that post; you should look at how many ‘pings’ you get. Pings notify you of who likes your post; clearly they must like your post to add it to the bottom of theirs..pinging also increases your blogs reach. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Can anyone else think of anymore ways to measure your blogs effectiveness?