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Marketing your posts

Want to know effective ways to promote and market your blog posts? Because writing the content for your blog is one thing, but the next step is marketing your content. What’s the point in writing the content if nobody is ever going to see it? Here are a few ways in which you can market and promote your blog posts effectively and easily:

Lets begin with some social media marketing tips and tricks

  • Facebook – don’t forget Facebook is a useful marketing tool. It allows you to post status’ and share posts/links which you like/think will be relevant to your friends. You can also use Facebook to write engaging statuses including the link to your article; this will help you to engage your audience/friends etc. and encourage them to click on your link.
  • Twitter – when you hit the publish button on your most recent post don’t forget to post to Twitter – as blogs (i.e. WordPress) allow you to automatically post your blog post this would be an easy, slightly obvious, marketing tip..but one many people forget about.
  • Google+ – add as many relevant people as possible to your friends list; this will encourage people to add you back and ‘+1’ your posts as well as share them.
  • Pinterest – create many relevant boards on your profile; this way you can share to your boards and these images will include links to all your recent posts.
  • LinkedIn – creating many connections would be an obvious tip, however an even more effect tip to marketing on LinkedIn is posting the links to your posts on groups. Make sure you are a member of relevant groups; create a discussion, ask questions first DON’T just jump right into promoting your link..ask a question relevant to your blog post AND THEN include the link to the bottom of your discussion. This way you’re not only encouraging people to click your link you’re also engaging people in conversation..getting people to talk about your topic, thus your blog post.
  • Forums – search for forums relevant to your niche, i.e. social media forums. When posting in a forum, or creating a thread/discussion, don’t forget to include the link to your post/blog in your ‘signature’; as this will post every time you post in the forum. Thus, enabling more people to see it; post at least 5 times a day for effective promotion.
  • VISUAL! – make your promotions visual, for example use a ‘please share’ graphic – something that will make people want to share your link and encourage more people to view your link.


  • Guest posting – write a new blog post or use an existing article, which was popular on your blog, to contribute to a blog targeted to the same niche as yours. You could also collaborate with other bloggers who may have a similar niche on their blog to yours; this will help to increase the traffic to your blog.
  • RSS directories – post your blogs RSS feed to the top RSS directories, for example blogcatalog, this will also help you to market your blog and its posts..see your published article published on other blogs!

Those are just a few ways to market your posts. I find that they are effective and I’m also still trying new ways to market my WordPress blog and posts (as I’m new to this!). Let me know your favourite ways to market your posts in the comments.

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me via. my “contact me” page, you can also contact me/follow me on Twitter.

I look forward to all of your comments.


8 thoughts on “Marketing your posts

  1. Great capsule Jess. Sharing content on social media is an interesting way to generate traffic, not only though the wide network that it reaches but also the sites high user ship. I am glad that you are now educating everyone with concept of guest blogging, something that I was relatively unfamiliar until reading this post. . Forums are also an interesting avenue that you have also suggested and that i need to try out.
    Great blog, Keep it up!

    • Yes social media is the obvious way to “share” and market your posts, but I don’t think many people think of forums and using signatures on forums. I was asked to do a joint guest blog for somebody’s website, I was relatively unfamiliar with guest blogging until then. It’s a great way to promote each other and add different insights into your blog posts.
      I’m glad you like my posts, you’ve got some good one’s yourself. Happy to give some insight and be of help.

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