LinkedIn – Video and Media Content

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking website specifically designed for those in a professional occupation. So, allows you to connect and network with colleagues and, possibly, even potential employers. LinkedIn is designed to be professional, therefore you’re unable to, for example; customise/personalise the layout of your profile and are also unable to do things such as, embed your favourite YouTube video’s and host blogs.

LinkedIn is a social networking website which presents its members in a professional way, this is unlike other popular social networking websites, i.e. Facebook, because in the past people have lost their jobs due to negative online content which they have posted or a friend has posted.

Facebook is LinkedIn’s closest competitor. Facebook is a group-based social network, whereas LinkedIn focuses solely on the individual and his/hers accomplishments. This seems to make LinkedIn a unique social networking site.

Video & Media Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows its users to upload media content such as videos. To add a video to LinkedIn you have to do it via. ‘slideshare‘, by using slideshare you can add presentations and/or video’s to your LinkedIn profile. Alternatively, you can go to “profile” > “edit profile”; here you can upload your own video’s, images and even your own documents. This is so you can showcase your work and skills to potential/current employers. So if you were, for example a photographer you could build a portfolio of your own images on your LinkedIn profile for potential employers/customers to view.