Is Social Media shaping our lives?

I may be younger than most social media bloggers, marketing bloggers etc. but this doesn’t affect they way I view social media…and the internet.

People tend to assume that the ‘younger generation’ have grown up with the internet and so think of it as the norm, which it is now, and just haven’t known anything different..which obviously is true in the case of people born in the last 10 years or so.
But, in my life time (I’m 19 years old) I can remember the dial-up tone, not being able to use the phone and internet at the same time. So although I may be part of the “younger generation” I still stop and wonder ‘what would our lives be like if we didn’t have the internet…and of course; social media

I MOST DEFINITELY believe our lives would be drastically different. But would it be better?
Of course there are obvious things the internet allows us to do, like being able to converse with people living at the other side of the world easily, or publishing this blog post. The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, even job roles and opportunities.

BUT do I think the internet is shaping our lives?
In a way yes because we are heavily reliant on the internet, much of what we do now involves the internet.
On the other hand, no; because we are (or should be) an active audience and so should be actively making decisions, not allowing things we see or read on the internet to influence the things we do. But it’s inevitable that this happens, of course it does.

What are your thoughts?
Is Social media shaping our lives??

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6 thoughts on “Is Social Media shaping our lives?

  1. I say yes, absolutely.

    I try to view the social media as an extension of my life — treat everyone with the same respect I do offline, apply the same critical faculties to things I read online that I use to make decisions about things people tell me offline, etc. At least to me, the distinction between “online” and “real life” has collapsed. It’s all real life now.

    I agree we should be an active audience, but don’t think it’s possible to not let things we experience online influence us. What we read in physical books, and conversations we have with people in coffee shops influence us, or at least potentially. But social media is changing what it means to be an active audience, I think. You can only have one conversation at a time in a coffee shop, whether it’s with one person or with a group. I often have several simultaneous conversations going on social media. That difference is important.

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