5 LinkedIn “Headaches”…Cured!

We all know that social media has its downfalls, if not via. the effects it has on its users then via. the way the website has been developed. Yes, it’s terribly hard to create something without its flaws and social networks are definitely no exception to this. 5 ‘headaches’ – things which most people dislike, find annoying – on LinkedIn have been identified:

  1. Activity Broadcasts – every time you update an aspect of you profile, for example you change your summary, this will appear on your profile to your connections. The social network broadcasts everything you update – this may be a good thing, as it allows people to see what new things you’re doing etc. however it may also just clutter up your profile, if you update several parts of your profile at once. LUCKILY you’re able to change whether your activity updates are posted on your profile. By unticking the box (see below) this ‘turns off’ your activity updates.activity broadcast
  2. Remove Individual Endorsements – ‘Individual endorsements’ lets your connections “vote up” your skills and areas of expertise; allowing your connections to rank your skills and areas of expertise. Fortunately, for those of you who don’t like this aspect of LinkedIn you can remove this so it doesn’t show up on your profile.
  3. Remove Individual Endorsements Altogether – LinkedIn also gives you the option to permanently delete this feature from your profile. You do this by going to the ‘skills and expertise’ section > edit > then drop the menu down and go to “Display your endorsements?” > click “No, do not display my endorsements.” > click Save.
  4. Delete Imported Contacts – when you sign up for your account on LinkedIn it prompts for you to import your contacts from your email address you have signed up with. This is so you can build up connections and network quicker, however not all of your contacts may be suitable. It’s a good job for those of you who no longer want these contacts imported into your LinkedIn account, as you can remove imported contacts from your account by clicking ‘network’ from the menu at the top > contacts > imported contacts > select all (if you want to remove all imported contacts) > “delete selected contacts”.
  5. Browse LinkedIn anonymously – You can change from browsing as you or choose to browse anonymously. If you choose to browse anonymously and, for example, are looking for a new job and click on a potential employers LinkedIn profile they won’t know it’s you; as it will just show an anonymous user has viewed their page. To change this go to the ‘privacy alinkedin1nd settings’ page > click “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile” > you can choose how anonymous you want to be, i.e. just have your industry and title displayed or be completely anonymous.


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