LinkedIn abandons news aggregator for RSS app ‘Pulse’..

First and for most what is ‘Pulse’?

Pulse is a social newsreader RSS app; which is available on both the desktop and mobile devices. Pulse was acquired by LinkedIn in April for a large sum of $90 million!! Pulse replaces LinkedIn’s original news aggregator ‘LinkedIn Today’.

“Pulse and LinkedIn technology have been fully integrated to offer a more relevant news experience with content tailored to your professional interests both on the Pulse app and on LinkedIn.com,” -Ankit Gupta (Pulse co-founder). Source

The Pulse app is available on both Android and IOS devices. When you first open the Pulse app you’ll be prompted to sign in using your LinkedIn account. The app will then sync anything you’re already “connected” with; i.e. channels, groups and influences you follow. Also, says Gupta, Pulse will offer you personalised content and recommendations which are customised according to your preferences, interests, experiences etc. on LinkedIn. From within the Pulse app you can also share to other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Pulse, according to this source is supposed to include more industry relevant stories, based on your LinkedIn history. However, there doesn’t seem to be many satisfied customers; it would seem that LinkedIn Today is the preferred news aggregator here..

BUT what do we, as the audience; the receivers of this new update think?

Do you like ‘Pulse’?

Did you prefer ‘LinkedIn Today’?

Let me know what you think..


One thought on “LinkedIn abandons news aggregator for RSS app ‘Pulse’..

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