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What Social Media should I be using?

Browsing through my WordPress and Twitter feeds (where I have most followers and interactivity) I see a lot of people questioning; “what social media should I be using?”. It would seem that, even though people want to get their content (blog, website etc.) out there, they’re either A) reluctant to join dozens of social media sites, or B) just don’t have the time.

Personally, I am a member of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and, of course, WordPress!! This may seem a bit unnecessary to some people, while other people may also be members of these social networking sites. HOWEVER, and this (to me) is the most important part, even though I am a member of all these different social media sites, I have 3 primary ‘go-to’ sites – 3 sites which I will ALWAYS update (whether it be asking a question or posting a newly published blog post).

My ‘go-to’ sites consist of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as I (personally) have found these create the most traffic to my blog! These are the 3 sites which work best for me…it may not be that way for you, though. If this isn’t the way you do it, how do you manage your social networking sites? Do you have 3 (maybe more, maybe less) ‘go-to’ sites? I’d love to know how you manage your social media sites.

Basically, if you’re new to blogging, or are just getting into integrating your social media; find out what works best for YOU. Maybe you’ll find posting a link to a couple of your blog posts every 3-4 hours (or whenever you feel is necessary) on 2 different social media platforms is enough. If that works best for you then I say go for it. It’s entirely dependent on yourself; how much time you have, and so..

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to connect with me, after all I’m on enough social media for you to reach me!Alternatively, you can contact me here (via email).

Thank you for reading, I’ll see you in my next post.


4 thoughts on “What Social Media should I be using?

  1. Hi, I think you read my post about LinkendIn. Yes I am torn with joining it for the simple reason that my blog is a different identity of who I am in my professional world. So I really do not see meself mixing the two up. However, I might be wrong. Also I really have no extra time to update social media statuses etc etc what with work and books and field work, so I just stick with the devil I know. C’est mal? Am I missing out?

    • Remind me what your blog is about?
      If your blog is a different identity to your professional world then maybe LinkedIn would be useful for you to show case your professional achievements, skills etc. You don’t necessarily have to link them together (like I do!) You could keep them, relatively, seperate…
      However, if you struggle to update the social media you have now then maybe put off joining LinkedIn until you have more time? After all being on a social media site is one thing but being ‘visible’ & active is another! What social media do you belong to at the moment?
      As with all social media, I think if what you’re doing now..the social media your using…is working for you then no your not missing out!

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