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Publishing a blog post

Each day I look through articles and blog posts relating to my blog topic…social media. When I’m reading through these articles, and posts/comments on social networking sites (i.e. Twitter and Facebook), the questions which catch my eye most are; ‘where is the best place to blog?’ and ‘when’s the right time to blog?’
A blog post can be published anywhere and at any time. However, when you choose to publish the post is down to you.

If you’re unsure when the best time to post is try posting a blog post at different times in the day, and see which gets the most hits. This way you’ll be able to see what time your audience is most active at. I have tried this, however what I began doing was publishing a post at around 5/6pm (GMT), this way my audience in the United Kingdom are (generally) home from work/school/college etc. and so are able to tune into my blog. Additionally, by posting at 5/6pm (GMT) I am also including other countries into my demographic, including my largest audience in the United States. By posting later on in the day in the UK (i.e 5/6pm) it ensures your posts will reach a wider audience, of people who are available.

As for ‘where is the best place to blog?’…anywhere! Literally, wherever inspiration strikes…such as right now I’m writing this on a train journey (how is that for dedication?).
Even if you get an idea for a blog post jot it down, that idea will (hopefully) develop. You don’t have to compose the whole blog post via. your mobile device ‘on the go‘; you can begin a blog post, save it as a draft and continue writing later.

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5 thoughts on “Publishing a blog post

  1. This is a great blog post! The fact is that if you begin to over plan a blog post (e.g. time, place etc.) the quality of the actual blog tends to drop. However, I agree with you last point about time. If you are focused on gaining hits (which most people are) then I would suggest you post your blogs at a time of day which is most likely to gain it increasing views. Also, I suggest you share the same blog post multiple times a day to fit in with all time zones, but ensure you change the content of that social media update!

    • Thank you very much.
      Yes I agree, the “on the spot” blog posts can sometimes be the best…I’m glad you liked my last point. I think (especially if you’re new to blogging) the last point is a good one to do because it helps your blog become known!
      I always (as you may know because you follow me on Twitter) post my blog posts multiple times. But it is a good point to raise because some people may not think of sharing the same blog post multiple times to help them reach a wider audience and increase their hits.

  2. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to estimate the best time to post by posting at different times, because a lot depends on the post title and the picture. You’d have to test your hypothesis with a audience that suffers from amnesia. 🙂

    • Not really because regardless of the post followers of my blog may click onto new blog posts through the email link, or via. the reader…therefore still sending traffic to my blog. It was a suggestion, it’s something which I don’t usually do…as I say I usually post at around 5/6 pm.

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