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Snapchat to release updated app!

After Snapchat was hacked into and 4.6 million users’ phone numbers and usernames were downloaded Snapchat have said;

We will be releasing an updated version of the Snapchat application that will allow Snapchatters to opt out of appearing in Find Friends after they have verified their phone number. We’re also improving rate limiting and other restrictions to address future attempts to abuse our service.

On Friday 27th December 2013 published a blog post highlighting the issue with their ‘Find Friends’ feature. They went on to say in their blog post that;

Theoretically, if someone were able to upload a huge set of phone numbers, like every number in an area code, or every possible number in the U.S., they could create a database of the results and match usernames to phone numbers that way.

The ‘Find Friends’ feature allows you to enter your phone number; so people who have your phone number can find you on Snapchat, and so allowing you to send Snaps to your phone contacts. However, in the new app which Snapchat are set to release they are going to make the ‘Find Friends’ feature even more optional than it is already.

The current app

With the current “Find Friends” feature you have the option to enter your phone number, or not. The ‘Find Friends’ app was originally introduced to help you find contacts in your address book; people you’re already friends with. Therefore, by entering your phone number it allows anybody with your phone number to find you on Snapchat.

The updated app

The current app will, according to Snapchat’s blog post on the 2nd January, allow users to opt out of the ‘Find Friends’ feature on Snapchat, so that hackers can’t obtain your phone number and link your number to your username on Snapchat. However, you will still need to verify your account with your phone number. Snapchat then went on to say

We’re also improving rate limiting and other restrictions to address future attempts to abuse our service.

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