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Everybody seems to be posting about the New Year, so I’m going to start this post off, although I may be a little late, by saying..HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everybody enjoyed their celebrations!!
So, it’s now 2014 and everybody (in the social media world) will be wondering how social media is going to develop this year; will it go in the same direction as 2013 and just get more and more popular?
According to Pew Research Center

Nearly three quarters of online adults use a social networking website, with many of them trying more than one


Most people would (stereotypically) associate ‘social media’ with teenagers, however it would seem that Facebook has seen a drop in usage from teenagers, although this hasn’t affected how much adults use Facebook as it has become more popular amongst adults.

71% of online adults used Facebook in 2013, this is a huge difference when you compare the percentage of adults on other social media sites:

  • 22% on LinkedIn
  • 21% on Pinterest
  • 18% on Twitter
  • 17% on Instagram

These numbers show an increase in different social media usage, however Pinterest has made the biggest leap…up by 6%!!! Which, in all honesty, surprises me because I wouldn’t (sorry if you’re an adult and do use Pinterest) expect many adults to use Pinterest; as I just can’t get to grips with it and its overall purpose…it isn’t a social media platform which I have ever been ‘bothered’ about or have ever used on a regular basis, unlike social media sites such as Twitter!

63% of users on Facebook sign in once per day; however it is said that 40% of those sign in multiple times throughout the day. This percentage of sign on per day for Facebook is higher than the likes of Twitter; where 46% of users log on daily and Instagram; where even more users than Twitter log on daily, as 57% of Instagram users sign in daily.

Which sites do you log into daily, and do you log in to them more than once per day?

Let me know your favourite social media sites in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media usage

  1. Social media is certainly going to continue to grow. Much like the telephone it is now becoming the standard of modern communication.

    In the coming year businesses will begin to fine tune their social media marketing (over the past two years it has simply been experimental) and they begin to put real cash and time into it.

    As for consumers it will continue to grow. I believe that over 2014 we will see a huge growth in the number of ‘visual social media platforms’ appearing – following in the steps of Snapchat’s success.

    In regards to Facebook it will continue to attract the older generation while Twitter attracts the younger generating.

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