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Social Media in the Workplace | Guest Blog

The rise and proliferation of social media sites and its eventual utilisation by companies worldwide has resulted in the increased demanding for media graduates. Jessica Leeman, a first year student studying Media, has recognised this need in her interesting blog that tackles contemporary issues surrounding social media. In one of my many interviews since graduating from university, I (see my blog) had inadvertently discovered the power and gravitas that my grasp on social media brought to my CV. I had not anticipated it, for I knew that proclaiming that I was a fervent social media user – a system that had been widely abused by drunken students to humiliate each other – was an instant way to kill an interview. But when I saw my interviewer’s face noticeably droop when she mentioned the great difficulty that she had utilising the tool in a working environment, I saw the opportunity to convey my transferable skills in the workplace. I watched her jaw drop, when I told her about my social media ‘achievements’: that I had amassed 110,000 followers on Twitter; more than 1500 connections on Linkedin; 2275 friends on Facebook; 1000 followers on Pinterest and of course the 111000 views that I amassed on this very blog. Naturally during the interview situation it was pretentious to gabber on about these numbers. But seen as though this formal meeting was painfully going nowhere, I thought it would be only fitting to take an inch and then stretch it a mile. As a result I unduly padded out the remaining time in my interview about the ‘wonders’ of social media. Surprisingly I was offered an alternative role within the company than the one that I had applied for. The rationale behind this sudden change of situation? Apparently when I spoke about Twitter, it was the only time during the interview where my face illuminated and where I also spoke with a degree of passion. It is only reading recently on Jessica Leeman’s post about how social media can be utilised in the workplace that I found out that there is avenue to explore in the terms of utilising social media management as a full time job. In this context it was a contributing factor to me emphasising social media during the interview which helped me gain the internship.

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