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SEO in Google

Want to know how to reach the top of Google’s Search Engine Optimisation rank system?

Well you could search Google for hints and tips, which would mean changing everything you’ve already done. However, there is another option; you could watch the following video’s and subscribe to the channel for the best ways to boost your Google SEO.

How to get to page one of Google & QUICKLY!

What matters when considering the Google SEO ranking?

-Title; keywords don’t necessarily matter. Make your title short and relevant to your post.

-Clicks; the more clicks you get the higher you’ll rank.

-Bold. Make a keyword bold, highlighted, this will make your post more visible!

-Make sure the keywords you’re aiming for are the first/second word in your blog/website title.

-Blog about your link; make yourself more visible.

See more here


Want to know what businesses use to increase their Google SEO? Check this YouTube video for more info.

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