Facebook self-censorship

What is self-censorship?

Self censorship basically means to censor your own work to make sure you are happy with it; that the post, website etc. portrays you in the way you would like to be portrayed.

Facebook have began to look at posts which you have and haven’t published, they have also began tracking the trends and thoughts of the people who have typed a post, but have no hit the send button. They focus on status updates, posts on people’s timelines and comments on posts. They have called this “self-censorship” as they’re looking at the posts which people have self-censored by deleting them/choosing not to post them.

Why are Facebook doing this?

Facebook have not only decided to track people’s ‘failed’ posts, but they have also started tracking declined friend requests so that they can analyse why this is and try to make ‘failed’ posts and requests into successes. Clearly this is just another way they can improve their statistics to make them look even better than they already do, as if having approximately 1.19 billion users wasn’t enough!

Here’s an interesting statistic by Wired.co.uk

“Over the course of those 17 days, 71 percent of the users typed out a status, a comment, or both but did not submit it. On average, they held back on 4.52 statuses and 3.2 comments.”

To me this is very Big Brothery, snooping and looking at posts which users have decided not to post…what will they do next; save them?

What do you think to this?

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