Instagram Direct

Instagram have released a NEW feature, this feature is ‘Instagram Direct’; as blogged about by CLisseman.
Instagram direct is a brilliant new feature which allows its users to send an image or video to selected, it’s like direct messaging on Twitter but with images and videos. This is quite a unique idea, I think it’s a great new feature and the layout also looks very good; neat and tidy like the rest of Instagram!



2 thoughts on “Instagram Direct

  1. I remember Instagram hosting this big event in NYC to premiere this new update–I was honestly hoping for more of a drastic change with an in-app chat functionality. Something to make it more competitive with Snapchat. I definitely still think this is a cool new feature but I wonder how popular it is now that it’s been active for a month or so?

    • Yes, me and my friend (who did a guest blog post about this) said the same. We thought because of the big event that Instagram were going to make a drastic change, evidently not. Although, this is a great feature to the app I can honestly say I forget it’s even there from time to time…I haven’t used it that much. But I would be intrigued to see some sort of stats to see how popular this feature of the Instagram app is.

I look forward to reading your thoughts;

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