Twitter update for Android


So, I just updated the Twitter app for Android and this is what it looks like. Instead of a ‘mentions’ or ‘interactions’ tab there is a bell symbol, which represents your Twitter notifications. Personally, as I have only just updated to the latest Twitter app I’m finding it a little strange, but I guess (like all updates) it’s something I’ll have to get used to. It looks pretty good though, nothing wrong with the overall appearance of the app.


you can now send images via. DM (direct message) on Twitter apps, however cannot (as of yet) send images via. DM from Twitter.
What do you think to this feature?
Is it a good feature for Twitter to have added or will it just add to the nunberous ways in which spam can be sent?


If a whole new layout and being able to send pictures via. DM wasn’t enough you can now send a tweet, on the Twitter app, from your profile page. Personally, I REALLY like this’s a small, but great detail which I think is very handy!

Well done Twitter!

Let me know what you all think..
Have you just updated the Android or even the IOS Twitter app?
Tell me your thoughts below in the comments or tweet me your thoughts – JessLeeman_


6 thoughts on “Twitter update for Android

  1. I personally don’t hate it, though I haven’t updated yet myself. Like you said, it’ll be something to get used to. I’m excited about being able to send pictures in messages–I’m not sure when I’ll ever need to do that, but I’m fairly certain it will come in handy eventually.

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