Follow Back? Tips on Boosting your Twitter Presence

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Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.33.34 PM1. Use a Program to Help Schedule your Tweets. Programs like Hootsuite help you schedule your tweets in advance so that you keep your followers updated, while saving time.
2. Post Often: Users who regularly post content are more engaging to followers.
3. Join a Trending Topic.  Trending topics happen on a daily basis on Twitter.  By participating you will be engaged with the Twitter community as a whole, and will meet new users you may not interact with otherwise.
4. Multitask. Tweet whenever you have free time.  The point of Twitter is that it is the ultimate in mobile communication so there is no excuse to go long periods of time without tweeting.

5. Respond to Users who are Interested in Similar Topics. Look at what users favorite and retweet the same comments as you.  This will help you find new users to connect with and make you…

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