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Is YOUR Blog Effective?

Want to find out if your blog is effective? Keep reading..

  1. Compare the natural growth of your blog. For example, compare it to the same time the previous year. You should also compare sources of traffic, i.e. is most of your blog traffic coming from results on a search engine or another source such as Twitter. Comparing pages visited and average stay on your site is also useful, this will help you to see whether your blog is ‘doing its job’ and being effective. If people are visiting for longer periods of time it’s highly likely that your blog is effective, however if people are only viewing your site for a couple of minutes you may want to rethink how you market your blog so that it is effective with what people want, i.e. what comes up when typed into a search engine.
  2. Measure the number of people who unsubscribe/unfollow you, i.e. your blog, newsletter (if one is available to sign up to on your blog). This way you will be able to see if you are posting the right content, because if your followers have followed you expecting, for example, content on social media and you post for example film reviews, this isn’t going to be “effective” as this isn’t what your ‘audience’ are expecting to see you post.
  3. As well as checking unsubscribers you should also check how many subscribers you are gaining every month/quarter/year etc.
  4. The amount of comments should also be measured. The more comments you get, the more popular your blog, and so future blog posts, will be. People who take the time to comment on your post/s clearly like what they’re reading. The more conversation which can be generated either on your blog or about your blog the better; the more conversation, the more publicity, the more publicity the more people who will potentially view your blog, and so potentially become a follower/subscriber.
  5. What is the reach of your blog WITHOUT other tools, such as sharing your blog post to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The bigger the reach, the more influential your blog will be.
  6. Also, take into consideration the amount of recommendations which your blog receives between users on, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.
  7. As well as recommendations if you use a blog, such as WordPress, where you can add ‘relevant content’ at the bottom of each post, and so ‘ping’ the author of that post; you should look at how many ‘pings’ you get. Pings notify you of who likes your post; clearly they must like your post to add it to the bottom of theirs..pinging also increases your blogs reach. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Can anyone else think of anymore ways to measure your blogs effectiveness?


I look forward to reading your thoughts;

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