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How I Intend To Approach My Research..

I will be posting a 2000 word blog post recommending a social media website for a chosen case-study. The case-study I have chosen to write a recommendation for is… a recommendation for a blogging platform for a small retail or catering business.

For my course assessment I intend to carry out research on different social media websites which will be useful for small retail and catering businesses to use as their blogging platform. I will carry out research online to find out what social media platform has been most successful for existing small businesses, i.e. finding research online which has already been done to back up my reasoning for the use of whichever blogging platform I decide is most suitable. I will do this because then I have some external links; this doesn’t just back up my recommendation,  but also helps me to create a better structured blog with some existing information.

Also, I will look at what the blogging platform can be linked to in terms of social media platforms, for example can you link your blog to Facebook or a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram etc. I will look at the types of social media platforms which can be linked to the blogging platform as the more social media platforms can be linked the bigger the reach will be for the retail/catering business. I.e. linking your small businesses blog to Facebook, Twitter etc. will allow you to share your posts onto more platforms and so reaching out to more people.

I will look at how affective each social media platforms are at marketing the blogging platform; this will help me weigh up the pro’s and cons of each blogging platform. Therefore, to begin my assessment I will discuss various blogging platforms, such as; WordPress, Blogger,, Ghost, Tumblr etc. before coming to a definite decision about which blogging platform I will choose to recommend to a small retail/catering business.


15 thoughts on “How I Intend To Approach My Research..

  1. I carried my bachelor’s research on a similar topic”the tweeting bird.” It was interesting. Lot’s of data to be found. Hope you enjoy your research! And I do hope you recommend wordpress! It makes for very neat websites and a rich variety of design.

    • I had the choice of three & the ‘blogging platform’ part of this appealed to me most; it’s what I’m most familiar with. I will enjoy! Yes, I think I may opt to recommend WordPress as it’s so versatile and as you say ‘it makes for a very neat website and a variety of design’ .. I like this A LOT about WordPress!

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