YouTube and Google+ Integration

So, basically now when you want to post a comment or like something on YouTube it prompts you to login in; more importantly login in with a Google+ account. Even if you have a standard YouTube account it prompts you to change it and link your Google+ account with YouTube. If you have a Google+ account, have a simple choice; integrate your accounts, or not. However, if you’re being prompted to change to a Google+ account and DO NOT have a Google+ account this may become more annoying. For starters you have to go through all of the filling out of the ‘required fields’ to create an account JUntitled-1UST to simply comment/like a single YouTube video. Although, this is fairly simple it is just time consuming and you should not have to be constantly prompted into integrating your YouTube account. Fair enough prompting once or twice to help with the marketing of Google+ through YouTube, but prompting YouTube users a third, fourth, fifth, sixth etc etc. time is just crazy! Are Google trying to bully there users into creating a Google+ account?

Do you think the integration between Google+ accounts and YouTube is a good or bad idea? Do you prefer the integration or the old way; having two SEPARATE accounts?

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One thought on “YouTube and Google+ Integration

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