A social network dedicated to selfies

What does everybody think to the newest social media website ‘Shots of Me’ invested in by Justin Bieber?

Is it too much like Snapchat? Isn’t Snapchat just a “selfie sharing app”; yes the images disappear, but isn’t that half the fun of it? According to “techcrunch” Shot of Me allows you to “share selfies to the app’s Instagram-style internal social network”. So, is this new social network just a mixture of Snapchat and Instagram? Two already successful social media apps. Much like Instagram ‘Shots of Me’ also allows you to post images to Twitter; however doesn’t this defeat the object of not having comment? As followers will be able to access your image and then tweet you comments about that image..

It is said that Instagram will be added to the apps which you’ll be able to share your ‘Shot of Me’ images on to.

Who’s tried this app out already or is going to try it? Let me know what you think of it!

Brilliant original post by ‘CLisseman’:

A social network dedicated to selfies.


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