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How to get more followers on twitter?

A commonly asked question is “how do I get more followers on twitter?”…

The simple answer could be to stay active online; update your social media accounts regularly (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Blog etc.). But is there EVER really a ‘simple’ answer? Also, how do we get more followers which don’t just follow you and never interact with you again, but are active; followers who retweet, favourite and reply to your posts….

A good way to build your Twitter following is by using the website Twiends. Twiends helps you to grow your Twitter following; they don’t sell followers they promote you to all visitors/members. This is effectively a Twitter directory.

Top Tips for Quality Twitter Followers:

  1. Make sure you have a profile picture/header and a complete bio. so that your Twitter profile looks somewhat interesting to they type of people you’d like following you.
  2. Tweet well and often; don’t tweet things which you think may be irrelevant to the people who are following you. Keep them wanting more. Engage your audience in your tweets- e.g. end your tweets (not all) with questions.
  3. Follow people who are like you; same interests, experiences etc.
  4. Adding “RT”/”please retweet” onto the end of your posts OCCASIONALLY will help you reach more people; retweets help to expand your Twitter profile’s exposure.
  5. Search keywords (or even hashtags) of interest to find people talking about the same thing/s as you.
  6. DON’T expect people to be active if your not; i.e. don’t expect people to retweet you if you don’t retweet always helps to retweet/respond to somebody who replies, retweets or even favourites one of your tweets.
  7. Use hashtags- this will help you reach more people and stay connected.
  8. If people don’t follow you after a period of time (or are inactive) unfollow them.
  9. Repeat your most popular tweets – search your Twitter name and see what your most popular tweet/s are; which tweet/s get the most replies/RT’s/favourites.

Top Tips for Getting Quantity Twitter followers:

  1. It seems like a simple one, BUT follow people who follow you back. Although, you want to gain followers it’s always best to follow people (as long as they’re relevant) back. Also, following somebody back may encourage them to be active on your Twitter page- so if they mention you this will increase your exposure your Twitter name will be seen by their followers.
  2. Use services where you can find people by location.
  3. Follow people who follow back; some people tell you they follow you in there bio/Twitter posts..usually using hashtags such as “#TeamFollowBack” or “#iFollowBack”. This will gain you more followers, however they’re not guaranteed to be “quality” followers. Likewise, follow people who autofollow.
  4. Promote your Twitter on ALL your other social media sites.. i.e. putting up a link to your Twitter on your blog.

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