How to use LinkedIn..

How do you use LinkedIn to grow your practice?

Getting Started

  • Set up your LinkedIn profile

Once you’ve set up your profile you should complete it; add as much information as possible. For example;

  • Current positionlinkedin1
  • At LEAST 2 previous positions
  • Education
  • Profile summary
  • Professional profile image
  • Specialites

Part 1

Building your network

  1. Connect with people you know
  2. Connect to second and third connections through people you know
  3. Join groups on LinkedIn

An example of an invitation to join somebody’s network:

Hi xxxx,

I‘m building my LinkedIn network and would like to add you to my network. You can never have too many great contacts.
Thank you in advance for allowing me to join yours.

Part 2

Follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn..


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