Social media- good or bad?

Social media involves interacting with people to create, change, share and exchange information with the online community.

There are many examples of “social media” websites, for example; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr. These are all popular websites used in people’s everyday life to share information with the online community that they’re building up. Social media is a brilliant way to build friends and gain contacts, i.e. for business, which could be very beneficial for you.

Once an online presence has been created it isn’t always easy to build up an online ‘community’ of people, an audience, you want to reach out too. People spend a lot of time trying to build this ‘community’ which is why people would argue social media is negative. People seem to be spending more time creating an online ‘community’ than building up relationships in reality i.e. distancing themselves from family and friends.

However, there are infinite opinions about social media, such as this video on YouTube which is a great insight into social media.

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18 thoughts on “Social media- good or bad?

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    • Yes I get you. It can get addictive. Ive never, myself had a serious addiction to social media, but sometimes i find myself just scrolling my twitter feed or Facebook timeline; not really doing anything useful. Maybe I shall do a post about that next?

      • I think it’s a valuable topic to consider. There are a lot of children between 8-20’s that are so incredibly addicted. They do nothing but game all day. It’s terrible! Fortunately I’m in my 50’s and was able to stop after four solid years. That is not for public knowledge btw. If you check out, you might be fascinated by what you find there.

      • I find it hard to believe people can get addicted, but it’s such an easy thing to get addicted too..without even realising. Yes I’ll check that out, thanks. And thank you for your reply to my post! Hope you enjoy my blog.

  2. Good post, thank you for sharing! I find myself unable to glue myself from Facebook, WordPress, and the like sometimes….usually out of boredom. I actually found the busier my life is, the less time I have for social media period…whether it’s through my computer or phone. I should so do a debate on whether making these sites more accessible is more of a good thing or a bad thing. 😉 I wonder what people would say! I am sharing this!

    • Your welcome, I’m glad you can relate and that you liked reading my post. Hope you enjoy my blog! I’m the same as well; I find myself just scrolling my Twitter feed, Facebook Timeline and WordPress..out of boredom and procrastination (which probably isn’t a good thing!). I do enjoy using social media (clearly), but yes like you I find the busier I am the less time I have to blog, tweet and post Facebook status’ and just generally network. I will check out your debate & thanks a lot for sharing this! 🙂

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    I think social media has its place, but when we become so consumed with it that we spend more time on these sites than interacting with our friends and family OFFLINE…well, say hello to addiction. I have been guilty of it myself…

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